pisode 01

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Matt Gaser is an illustrator and character designer based out of the San Francisco area. He started his journey as an intern on the cartoon "Rugrats" and found his way into video games. his credits include Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Eragon. He moved to a freelance role creating concept art for feature films, and now is working on a special project. Matt has loved drawing from a young age and he shares his awesome experiences making this his living. His story is inspiring, adn his work speaks for itself! If Matt has inspired you to pick up a pencil, give his little Character Design exercise a try! Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #BTC0001 so we can find your work! You can watch the interview below:


Fantastical: Limited Edition

Only 200 are available. $100.00 + $15 shipping. Each book will be signed and numbered. Click the image to go go Matt's website. From there connect with him to find out more!!!

Thank you again to Matt Gaser! I hope you enjoyed the episode and look for new episodes every Thursday!